These are prayers about where we are going and who we’re meeting everyday. Our family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

We are seeing lots of new visitors all the time in our gatherings at the moment.

  • Pray that we would continue to be people who demonstrate the love of God to new people
  • That we make space to welcome them into the family
  • Pray the Holy Spirit would make us really aware of those among us who are new


These prayers are for situations and people outside of our local church. We can give our prayers to places we my never go, or situations we can have no impact on practically but through our prayers see God change them.

  • Norway – As the students have blessed us this month we can bless them by praying for their churches! Pray for continued growth, blessing in their teaching about the Holy Spirit and that they see salvation as they continue to reach out on the streets, through their life groups and to friends.
  • Afghanistan and North Korea are currently the most dangerous places in the world to be Christians. Let’s pray for our brothers and sisters in these nations, for strength, peace, boldness and protection. If you would like to learn more about what christians are facing in these nations you can follow these links to the Open Doors website
  • Afghanistan –
  • North Korea –


These prayers are for the practical things we are involved.

  • Pray for new plantings in Atherstone and Lutterworth
    • That they know the Spirit’s leading in how to reach their communities
    • Pray for workers, that the right people would be added to them
  • Pray for Alpha – That those on the course would find Jesus and that the team would know the grace of God, the words to say and demonstrate the heart of God to the visitors


These prayers are for ourselves and our church. That we grow in areas of revelation about God, grow in the gifts and fruit of the Spirit and ultimately that we grow to look more and more like Jesus.

  • We had a great time with Roger and Dianne Aubrey over the momentum weekend, we received some great teaching and some powerful encouragements in how to keep moving into all God has for us:
    • Thank God for our love for one another and for the world, pray this only increases
    • Pray that we would be a people that speak hope to one another in all different circumstances and that faith would spring from that
    • Pray that we would be a people that keep saying “yes” to God at all times in all circumstances