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Market Harborough
Why Do We Do That?
John – Letters from an Apostolic Heart
8th September 2019Central

Devoted to…

God is a great promise keeper. There are many times in scripture when God promises that if we do certain things then He will respond! In the final few verses of Acts 2 we see that if we will be devoted to Christ by giving ourselves to...

William Lyon
8th September 2019Market Harborough

Whole Households

God has a plan for every family, He has a plan for your family. When we put God first, our households will be whole and blessed. We look at Joshua’s example in how we can ensure that ‘as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord’....

Richard Jones
1st September 2019Market Harborough

The Servant

At the start of this new season together we take a look at the account in John 13 of Jesus washing his disciples feet and consider what it means to serve one another, following the example of Jesus....

Phil Chapman
1st September 2019Central

The God Who Goes Ahead

In Joshua 24 and Exodus 23 we read that God goes ahead of His people. We need to remember that He has a plan for our lives, which means He has a plan for us each and every day. As we follow Him we can be totally confident of victory...

Richard Jones
18th August 2019Market Harborough

Being A Faithful Sower

This week explores what it means to be a faithful sower and asks the question, what can we sow today? How can God use us in our normal everyday lives and cause the ordinary seeds we sow to grow into something extraordinary?...

Kim Lyon
18th August 2019Central

One Thing Is Necessary

Luke 10:38-42– In a few short verses, Luke has recorded an important encounter in the lives of two sister, Mary and Martha, friends of Jesus. At first glance Jesus seemed to be scolding Martha for her activity and praising Mary for her...

Christopher Alton
4th August 2019Central

Growth: Design & Destiny

From the opening chapter of the Bible onwards, it’s clear that God’s design for all He’s formed and created is multiplication, fruitfulness and growth! He has designed and destined us to keep growing - personally and in our churches....

David Lyon
14th July 2019Market Harborough

How The Church Grows

The apostle Paul tells us that the church - the Body of Christ – will be healthy and growing when each member plays their unique part in its life (Eph 4:16). And in his letter to the Corinthians he expands our understanding of the...

David Lyon
7th July 2019Joshua, Market Harborough


In Joshua 4:1-8 we read about memorials that were built by the people of God to remember and commemorate the goodness, blessing, salvation and protection of the Lord. In this message, Stephen shares with us how we can all build...

Stephen Russell
7th July 2019Central, Joshua

Cities of Refuge

Joshua 20 describes cities that God set up to offer safe haven for those who were on the run. In these days, God wants our homes and churches to also be available, accessible, safe and secure; to rescue and restore those who need...

Richard Jones
30th June 2019Central, Joshua

God is Faithful

When we look in the word we see time and again the complete and utter faithfulness of God. Joshua saw it toward Moses, and knew it for himself. When we know God is faithful; we can know His company, comfort and courage in our every day...

Sarah Jones
23rd June 2019Central

Sow a Seed, Reap a Harvest

All of life comes about because of the principal of sowing and reaping. Arne shares with us the power of sowing simple seeds of good words and deeds in day to day life, and encourages us never to neglect small beginnings because the...

Arne Skagen
16th June 2019Central, Joshua

Whole Households

God loves family! He wants our families and households to be secure and blessed, and to be a blessing. This will come about when we, like Joshua’s declare, ‘As for me and my family, we will worship GOD’. We look at how his example will...

Richard Jones
9th June 2019Central, Joshua

Be Bold, Be Strong

For Joshua and his generation the time had come to cross boundaries, overcome obstacles and possess the promises of God - and great strength and courage were the outstanding characteristics needed for their success. These things are...

David Lyon
19th May 2019Market Harborough

The Power of Faith

Everything about being a Christian and walking with the Lord depends on Faith but what exactly is Faith and what difference does it make? This message looks both at Hebrews 11 and at what Jesus said about the power of faith showing...

Julian Boden
12th May 2019Central, Joshua

Fit for the Fight

Joshua 1:11– In the first chapter of Joshua we enter a new phase in Israel’s history and find a new leader, with a threefold command for God’s people (v.11) to get them ‘fit for the fight’ of their lives! In this message we consider...

Christopher Alton
28th April 2019Central

Side By Side, Looking Up

Using examples from Elisha, Ephesians and his personal life, Ben shares with us the importance of taking our place in the body and focussing on what God has for us - not what our circumstances show us....

Ben Morris
28th April 2019Market Harborough

First Fruits

Today we look at God’s eternal principal of the tithe; how we see it practiced, defined, enshrined in the law and affirmed by Jesus, before we consider the practicalities today as we worship God by the bringing of the tithe and the...

Phil Chapman
21st April 2019Central


The Easter message is all about God’s amazing, sacrificial love. We are beloved, and see how this love is powerfully displayed in the story of Jesus and Barabbas....

Richard Jones
14th April 2019Central, Romans


In many ways, it’s Paul's great longing for unity in the churches that underpins this letter from beginning to end! And now in the final chapter he gives powerful personal expression to this as he sends his affectionate love and...

David Lyon
24th March 2019Central, Romans

Living By Faith

Romans 4:13-21– The righteous have always lived by faith (Rom 1:17). God revealed to Abraham who He had MADE HIM TO BE, and in so doing, showed Himself to be the God who GIVES LIFE TO THE DEAD and CALLS INTO EXISTENCE THE THINGS THAT...

Christopher Alton
10th March 2019Central, Romans

I Promise

When God says to us “I Promise” we can expect that we will be stretched and changed us to become more like Christ, we can expect to grow in clearly hearing and diligently responding to the voice of God, and we can expect that our faith...

William Lyon
3rd March 2019Central, Romans

The Spiritual Mind

What does the bible say about our salvation in terms of our body, soul and spirit? In this message, we attempt to sensitively unpack the elements that make up the whole human person and look at some of this in the context of anxiety,...

Richard Pemberton
24th February 2019Central, Romans

A New Way Of Living

In Romans chapter 8 the great apostle Paul introduces us to what he’s previously described as “the new way of living” (Ro 7:6), and which we now discover is a life filled with, led by and in the power of the wonderful Holy Spirit! In...

David Lyon
10th February 2019Central, Romans

Radically Rational

How radical is our rationale? How radical is our way of thinking? Paul tells us in Romans 12 to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice but then goes on to tell us that this is our rational service - our totally rational response to all...

Mike Shuter
3rd February 2019Central, Romans

Yes Jesus Loves You!

In looking at Romans 8:27-39 we read about Jesus’ covenant love for those who believe. Is it really unbreakable, unchangeable, relentlessly faithful; even in the face of pressures, troubles, loss and death? The answer is a resounding...

Richard Jones
20th January 2019Central

Our House (part 2)

Every home has its own distinct emphases and characteristics; things which form the essential hallmarks of that house and its inhabitants. In the second half of this mini-series we describe in further detail the kind of churches we're...

David Lyon
13th January 2019Central

Life Groups 2019

We look again at the importance of small groups in the life of the church, and consider how we can play our part as a member of the Body of Christ in making our group strong, healthy and full of life!...

Richard Jones
6th January 2019Central

Our House (part 1)

"What kind of house will you build for me?” asks the Lord (Acts 7:49). It’s a rhetorical question, but nevertheless provokes us to think carefully about the kind of churches we're establishing and building. In the first half of this...

David Lyon
30th December 2018Central

A Place At The Table

It’s a wonderful thing to have a place to sit at the table and enjoy food, friendship and fun. We look at how Jesus Christ invites, prepares and blesses us as we remember Him at the Lords Table....

Richard Jones
23rd December 2018Central, Romans

Much More

Reading Romans chapter 5 is like taking giant strides to the very top of a magnificent mountain-peak, and from that vantage point gazing at the vast panoramic views now spread before us! Because we've been “declared righteous by...

David Lyon
9th December 2018Central, Romans

Who Am I?

We learn in Romans that we have the freedom to become like Christ, and discover God’s limitlessness love and power in our lives. We can be identified or defined by many things, but in this message we discover how we can find out...

Stephen Russell
2nd December 2018Central, Romans

The Heart of Romans

If we confess that Jesus is Lord and believe in our hearts that God raised Him from the dead, we will be saved. Our hearts matter most to God, because what is in our hearts matters most to us! In Paul’s letter to the church in Rome, we...

Richard Jones
22nd November 2018Market Harborough

Times of Restoration

God is a God of restoration, and He does not want to return things to their original condition, but rather to advance all things to the fullness His original intention! As the church we are to play our part in this, to be restored and...

Richard Jones
13th November 2018Central

I Must

The apostle Paul describes himself as being compelled to preach the gospel (1Co 9:16) and in this message Slava talks about the joy of serving God’s purpose and making his mission the overwhelming priority in our lives. He shows us...

Slava Goncharenko
21st October 2018Central

The Outlook From Antioch

Acts 11:19ff & 13:1-3 - The church in Antioch, was expansive and outward looking from its beginnings. Aptly described as a 'church bursting its banks', Luke's account gives us a clear picture of the prevailing culture and values that...

Christopher Alton
14th October 2018Central


We look at the revelation that we are rooted in; considering again God’s plan and purpose of restoration and how we as His church, are the glorious City of God and beautiful Bride of Christ....

Richard Jones
7th October 2018Central

We Are Family

In this podcast, we explore Paul's letter to the church in Ephesus encouraging the body of believers to see themselves as a family. We are united with Christ, chosen, adopted and we belong to Him....

Richard Pemberton
23rd September 2018Central

Bursting Our Banks

Jesus assures us the spiritual ‘harvest’ is here and now (John 4:345) and Joshua 3:15 gives us a picture of the river Jordan (representing healing power and resurrection life) "overflowing all its bank" throughout the harvest season!...

David Lyon
16th September 2018Central

The Days of the Harvest

The lyrics of the song ‘These are the Days of Elijah’ are full of biblical truth to help us declare who we are as God’s people and how we are to be in the times we live in. As we look at the examples of Elijah, Moses, Ezekiel and...

Richard Jones
12th September 2018Central

Miracles and the Church

As we read the book of Acts we see a church that lives in the expectation, experience and appreciation of the miraculous. Tim encourages us to open our eyes to the miracles we see in our every day lives, and position ourselves to hear...

Tim Jones
9th September 2018Central

It’s Harvest Time

Fear is the enemy of faith, but the Gospel is the power of God that leads to salvation! It really is harvest time and Simon takes us through the parable of the Good Samaritan and then provides 3 biblical keys to help us to be fruitful...

Simon Rowland
2nd September 2018Market Harborough


We can be passionate about lots of different things in our lives, but are we passionate about Jesus and His Kingdom? In this message, Stephen encourages us to be those who are consumed by Jesus and know what it means to have a passion...

Stephen Russell
2nd September 2018Central

Harvest On The Way

Jesus tells us that the harvest is great and the harvest is ripe! People all around us are ready to respond to the Good News of the Kingdom that we carry. Like Jesus we have the Holy Spirit and power, God is with us! As we go around...

Richard Jones
19th August 2018Central

Hope, Healing & Wholeness

2 Samuel 11-12 tell the awful story of King David’s adultery with Bathsheba and his attempts to cover things up afterwards, before being confronted by Nathan the prophet.  “I have sinned against the Lord”, David finally admits, and...

David Lyon
15th July 2018Central

Harvest Time

Jesus repeatedly assures His disciples the ‘harvest' is abundant and ready! In Joshua 3:15 we read that “the Jordan overflows its banks throughout the harvest season”, and in this message we draw these images together and consider what...

David Lyon
1st July 2018Central

What Are You Wearing?

When we accept Jesus into our lives, we are given access to the most amazing rack of spiritual clothing to help us walk as God intended. In this message, Ben takes us on a whistle-stop tour of Joseph and his different outfits... and...

Ben Morris
17th June 2018Central

People Of The Presence

In Hebrews 10:19-25 we see that, because of Jesus, there is a perfect provision for us as God’s people to boldly enter the Most Holy Place. We look at what this means for us and how we can experience wonderful God’s Presence together....

Richard Jones
10th June 2018Central

The Light Of The World

In the beginning of beginnings God let shine into the darkness and began the creation of all things on earth (Ge 1:2-3). When He later entered the world He had made, Jesus declared Himself to be “the light of the world”, and His...

David Lyon
3rd June 2018Central

God’s Promised Rest

Over recent months the Lord has been drawing us further into His presence, around the throne, where there is everything we need. One of those essential things is God’s Promised Rest. In fact, we find in the letter to the Hebrews...

Christopher Alton
20th May 2018Central

Supernatural Shepherds

God is a shepherd to His people, and He has appointed ‘under-shepherds’ with delegated spiritual authority to care for His flock. We look at how they are a means of supernatural provision for the church....

Richard Jones
22nd April 2018Central

Inflow & Outflow

The small letter of Paul to Titus contains a big message for our day! The church is to be built on SOUND TEACHING and to be devoted to GOOD WORKS. This is the vital ‘inflow’ and ‘outflow’ that ensures we stay healthy and fruitful....

David Lyon
8th April 2018Central

Approaching The Throne

Hebrews 4:14-16 - Approaching the Throne of God is an awesome thing! Thankfully we can do so because we have One who has gone before us, securing our inheritance and our acceptance forever. As we approach we need to hold fast to a...

Christopher Alton
1st April 2018Market Harborough


John’s gospel ends with a wonderful story of hope and restoration: Jesus is alive and appears to his disciples at the Sea of Galilee, providing them with a miraculous catch of fish! Join us as see how Jesus transforms dejection and...

David Lyon
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