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Market Harborough
The Cross & The Crown
Boundary Stones
School of Ministry
Supernatural Church
15th July 2018Central

Harvest Time

Jesus repeatedly assures His disciples the ‘harvest' is abundant and ready! In Joshua 3:15 we read that “the Jordan overflows its banks throughout the harvest season”, and in this message we draw these images together and consider what...

David Lyon
1st July 2018Central

What Are You Wearing?

When we accept Jesus into our lives, we are given access to the most amazing rack of spiritual clothing to help us walk as God intended. In this message, Ben takes us on a whistle-stop tour of Joseph and his different outfits... and...

Ben Morris
17th June 2018Central

People Of The Presence

In Hebrews 10:19-25 we see that, because of Jesus, there is a perfect provision for us as God’s people to boldly enter the Most Holy Place. We look at what this means for us and how we can experience wonderful God’s Presence together....

Richard Jones
10th June 2018Central

The Light Of The World

In the beginning of beginnings God let shine into the darkness and began the creation of all things on earth (Ge 1:2-3). When He later entered the world He had made, Jesus declared Himself to be “the light of the world”, and His...

David Lyon
3rd June 2018Central

God’s Promised Rest

Over recent months the Lord has been drawing us further into His presence, around the throne, where there is everything we need. One of those essential things is God’s Promised Rest. In fact, we find in the letter to the Hebrews...

Christopher Alton
20th May 2018Central

Supernatural Shepherds

God is a shepherd to His people, and He has appointed ‘under-shepherds’ with delegated spiritual authority to care for His flock. We look at how they are a means of supernatural provision for the church....

Richard Jones
22nd April 2018Central

Inflow & Outflow

The small letter of Paul to Titus contains a big message for our day! The church is to be built on SOUND TEACHING and to be devoted to GOOD WORKS. This is the vital ‘inflow’ and ‘outflow’ that ensures we stay healthy and fruitful....

David Lyon
8th April 2018Central

Approaching The Throne

Hebrews 4:14-16 - Approaching the Throne of God is an awesome thing! Thankfully we can do so because we have One who has gone before us, securing our inheritance and our acceptance forever. As we approach we need to hold fast to a...

Christopher Alton
1st April 2018Market Harborough


John’s gospel ends with a wonderful story of hope and restoration: Jesus is alive and appears to his disciples at the Sea of Galilee, providing them with a miraculous catch of fish! Join us as see how Jesus transforms dejection and...

David Lyon
11th March 2018Central

Don’t Be Ruthless

The bible tells us to ‘Honour your father and mother’ on a number of occasions. As we celebrate Mothers Day, we look at the wonderful story of Ruth, learning for her example and seeing how much God really values honour....

Richard Jones
4th February 2018Central

All Of Him For All Of You

When John the Baptist heard that crowds were flocking to Jesus, he declared “He must increase, but I must decrease”. As Christians, we have followed a Person, not a cause or a creed. And Jesus must totally eclipse all things in our...

David Lyon
4th February 2018Market Harborough


For many Christians, ‘stewardship’ is associated with finances and budgets, but in this message Stephen helps us to see that stewardship is so much more than this. Stewardship includes our time, our gifting, our families and our own...

Stephen Russell
28th January 2018Central

Means Of Grace

There are many physical and natural activities that the Bible instructs us to do, e.g. fasting, sharing the Lord’s Supper, anointing with oil, caring for the sick. They key is that when we do these things, we apply our faith and...

Richard Jones
14th January 2018Central


In these critical days God wants us to keep pace with what He is doing. Our job is to ensure that we practically facilitate everything the Holy Spirit wants to do. That the wineskin is suitable for the new wine!...

Todd Pulsifer
7th January 2018Central

Starting Well, Lacking Nothing

We start this new year encouraged by the apostle Peter’s assurance that “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness” (2 Peter 1:3) so that we now “share in the divine nature” (1:4) - these are incredible...

David Lyon
8th October 2017Central, The Cross & The Crown


Jesus Christ did a magnificent thing on the cross. Although He could have been overwhelmed by the influences of the fleshly human nature He had taken on, Christ, in loving submission and obedience to His father, overcame the flesh and...

William Lyon
24th September 2017Market Harborough

A Man On A Mission

When we read the account of Jesus going to raise Jairus' daughter from the dead, we see how, on the way, a woman with internal bleeding pushed through the crowd to receive healing. Jesus met her where she was at, but remained a 'man on...

Stephen Russell
3rd September 2017Central

Feed The World

The feeding of the 5000 was a miracle of unprecedented scale and impact, and tells us vital things about the mission of the Church in these critical days. We're here to FEED THE WORLD and In this message we're challenged to do so with...

David Lyon
6th August 2017Central

Unleash Your Superpowers!

The story of Joseph (Genesis 37-50) is an amazing account of God working in a man’s life to fulfil his dreams and his destiny! In this message we explore some of the key moments in Joseph’s journey from the pit to the palace and...

David Lyon
6th August 2017Market Harborough

How To Get To The Go

When we look at the great commission in Matthew 28, we read how Jesus told his disciples to “GO”.  The church today also shares this commission.  We take a look at three steps we can take to get to the ‘go’;  we first get ready, by...

Benjamin Lyon
18th June 2017Central

Abba Father

This Father’s Day we look at the pattern Jesus sets in how we too can know God as our father. In His prayer “Abba Father” we discover the relationship we......

Richard Jones
12th February 2017Central

Life Groups 2017

Presenting the new life groups to the church, we remind ourselves of the huge importance of small groups and our homes. As we express Kingdom community in our communities, we......

Richard Jones
8th January 2017Central

Starting Well

God’s intention for His Church in this new year is that we would not only start well, but continue well and finish well – being secure, fulfilled and fruitful in......

David Lyon
13th November 2016Central


Jesus began his public ministry and set forth his mission (Luke 4) by quoting from Isaiah 61. In this great message, Tony Ling shows how the prophet sums up God’s......

Tony Ling
25th September 2016Central, Psalms

The Bottom Line?

In Psalms 22-33 King David describes a wide range of circumstances, and the widest range of emotions and heart-cries. But whatever situations he faced, each Psalm concludes with a ‘last......

David Lyon
18th September 2016Central

Step-Up, Step-Out!

In the closing message from our Momentum conference, David outlines a fantastic vision of the church we see, and encourages us to ‘step-up’ and ‘step-out’ – so that we can......

David Lyon
16th September 2016Central

Arise. Shine!

In this opening message from our Momentum conference, Ezekiel shows us how God’s people are to “rise and shine”: as we fulfil the various, unique God-given callings on our lives,......

Ezekiel Shibemba
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