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CentralFaith, Hope, Love

Anyone for a Miracle!?

7th August 2022
Miracles happen all the time. Jesus loves to do miracles to build faith in people and to bring joy, strength and peace into their lives. Will shares lots of stories…
CentralFaith, Hope, Love

1 Thessalonians: A Faith, Hope & Love Letter

24th July 2022
Paul spent just 3 weeks planting a church in Thessalonica (Acts 17) before being forced out of town! His first letter back to the church a few weeks later reflects…
CentralFaith, Hope, Love

Family Values

17th July 2022
Do we practice what we preach? Mike Shuter picks out 5 family values that have impacted him as he has seen and heard taught over the years. He encourages and…
Faith, Hope, LoveMarket Harborough

Jonah and The Whale: God’s Amazing Love

10th July 2022
The story of Jonah and God’s amazing love: exploring the amazing depth and breadth of God’s love and grace towards us, whilst recognising the tension that lies in us ultimately…

How Do Churches Grow?

26th June 2022
God wants His church to grow! From the opening verses of the Bible onwards, we discover that fruitfulness and multiplication is at the heart of His plan and purpose. In…
CentralFaith, Hope, Love

Hope and Praise

19th June 2022
Reading Psalms 33, 42 and 43, we look at how hope and praise interact and why they are so important to God and us!
Faith, Hope, LoveMarket Harborough

A Certain Hope

12th June 2022
In this all-age gathering, we look at the bible account of Daniel’s life and how, despite his circumstances, he was able to keep his eyes fixed on God’s promise of…
CentralFaith, Hope, Love

Love Never Gives Up

5th June 2022
We take a look at the story of Jonah and the city of Nineveh to see that God’s love is totally faithful and consistent no matter what!
Faith, Hope, LoveMarket Harborough

Community With No Mention of Acts

5th June 2022
In Acts 2:42 we read about  "The Fellowship of the Believers”, and whilst this teaches us valuable lessons concerning how the community of believers should operate it is important to…
Faith, Hope, LoveMarket Harborough

The Trellis of Faith

29th May 2022
In John chapter 15, Jesus describes his relationship with his followers as being like a vine and branches. We look at 7 things that Jesus said of himself and his…
Faith, Hope, LoveMarket Harborough

Your Faith Has Saved You

22nd May 2022
Today we look in Luke 7 at the extravagant outpouring of worship to Jesus from Mary who knew Jesus as a teacher, friend, healer and the one with power over…
CentralFaith, Hope, Love

A Cord of Three Strands

22nd May 2022
The apostle Paul commended the Thessalonians for their work of Faith, labour of Love and steadfastness of Hope (1 Thess 1.3). In this message we’ll start to build on our…