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Market Harborough
Gospel Encounters
Made For Mission
Today We Pray...
20th September 2020Central, Market Harborough

All Things New

God’s word has a lot to say about ‘heaven’ yet as believers we rarely seem to talk about it. In today’s message, we look as what we have already been told about heaven and the age to come, asking ourselves ‘how then should we live?’....

Phil Chapman
28th June 2020Central, Market Harborough

A Cheerful Heart

In this message Keri Jones shares with us about the power of being cheerful and full of joy, and how laughter can be a medicine to our souls. He tells some funny stories and then we follow the message with some jokes told by the Living...

Keri Jones
1st March 2020Market Harborough

Breaking Bread

In this message Kim shares with us how participating in the bread and wine joins us together in unity. Although the bread symbolises Christ's body that was broken for us, it is one body that we are all sharing. 1 Corinthians tells us...

Kim Lyon
5th January 2020Central

Prayer Tools

Prayer is an essential and life giving part of being a Christian. In this message we will look at some practical tools that we can use to help us in our prayer life and engage with our Heavenly Father....

Mike Shuter
29th December 2019Market Harborough

Choose Remain

At the time of year when we often think of making new year resolutions, the words of Jesus from John 15 come to us loud and clear: Choose to remain! Jesus says that apart from Him, we can do nothing. Dare we dream of the fruitfulness...

Phil Chapman
8th September 2019Central

Devoted to…

God is a great promise keeper. There are many times in scripture when God promises that if we do certain things then He will respond! In the final few verses of Acts 2 we see that if we will be devoted to Christ by giving ourselves to...

William Lyon
8th September 2019Market Harborough

Whole Households

God has a plan for every family, He has a plan for your family. When we put God first, our households will be whole and blessed. We look at Joshua’s example in how we can ensure that ‘as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord’....

Richard Jones
1st September 2019Market Harborough

The Servant

At the start of this new season together we take a look at the account in John 13 of Jesus washing his disciples feet and consider what it means to serve one another, following the example of Jesus....

Phil Chapman
1st September 2019Central

The God Who Goes Ahead

In Joshua 24 and Exodus 23 we read that God goes ahead of His people. We need to remember that He has a plan for our lives, which means He has a plan for us each and every day. As we follow Him we can be totally confident of victory...

Richard Jones
18th August 2019Market Harborough

Being A Faithful Sower

This week explores what it means to be a faithful sower and asks the question, what can we sow today? How can God use us in our normal everyday lives and cause the ordinary seeds we sow to grow into something extraordinary?...

Kim Lyon
18th August 2019Central

One Thing Is Necessary

Luke 10:38-42– In a few short verses, Luke has recorded an important encounter in the lives of two sister, Mary and Martha, friends of Jesus. At first glance Jesus seemed to be scolding Martha for her activity and praising Mary for her...

Christopher Alton
4th August 2019Central

Growth: Design & Destiny

From the opening chapter of the Bible onwards, it’s clear that God’s design for all He’s formed and created is multiplication, fruitfulness and growth! He has designed and destined us to keep growing - personally and in our churches....

David Lyon
14th July 2019Market Harborough

How The Church Grows

The apostle Paul tells us that the church - the Body of Christ – will be healthy and growing when each member plays their unique part in its life (Eph 4:16). And in his letter to the Corinthians he expands our understanding of the...

David Lyon
7th July 2019Joshua, Market Harborough


In Joshua 4:1-8 we read about memorials that were built by the people of God to remember and commemorate the goodness, blessing, salvation and protection of the Lord. In this message, Stephen shares with us how we can all build...

Stephen Russell
7th July 2019Central, Joshua

Cities of Refuge

Joshua 20 describes cities that God set up to offer safe haven for those who were on the run. In these days, God wants our homes and churches to also be available, accessible, safe and secure; to rescue and restore those who need...

Richard Jones
30th June 2019Central, Joshua

God is Faithful

When we look in the word we see time and again the complete and utter faithfulness of God. Joshua saw it toward Moses, and knew it for himself. When we know God is faithful; we can know His company, comfort and courage in our every day...

Sarah Jones
23rd June 2019Central

Sow a Seed, Reap a Harvest

All of life comes about because of the principal of sowing and reaping. Arne shares with us the power of sowing simple seeds of good words and deeds in day to day life, and encourages us never to neglect small beginnings because the...

Arne Skagen
16th June 2019Central, Joshua

Whole Households

God loves family! He wants our families and households to be secure and blessed, and to be a blessing. This will come about when we, like Joshua’s declare, ‘As for me and my family, we will worship GOD’. We look at how his example will...

Richard Jones
9th June 2019Central, Joshua

Be Bold, Be Strong

For Joshua and his generation the time had come to cross boundaries, overcome obstacles and possess the promises of God - and great strength and courage were the outstanding characteristics needed for their success. These things are...

David Lyon
19th May 2019Market Harborough

The Power of Faith

Everything about being a Christian and walking with the Lord depends on Faith but what exactly is Faith and what difference does it make? This message looks both at Hebrews 11 and at what Jesus said about the power of faith showing...

Julian Boden
12th May 2019Central, Joshua

Fit for the Fight

Joshua 1:11– In the first chapter of Joshua we enter a new phase in Israel’s history and find a new leader, with a threefold command for God’s people (v.11) to get them ‘fit for the fight’ of their lives! In this message we consider...

Christopher Alton
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