We’re really excited to let you know that you can now sign up to a Life Group!

When you have decided where you’ll be based, please sign up (even if you are remaining in your current group). Please note that we’re asking everyone to sign up to just one group. You will be more than welcome to visit other groups, but we’d like you to sign up to the one that will be your primary life group.  It would help us greatly if you could sign up sooner rather than later. We will continue to announce the groups over the next few Sundays.  We are not planning to add any more groups at this time (unless some groups become so large that we may need to multiply them).
Those who don’t choose a group by the end of December will be allocated to an appropriate group, so that the groups can be launched in the new year. If you have any queries, or need support with signing up then please contact the church office.