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Helpful Resources

Where to Buy Second Hand Books

Buying second hand books is a great option if you can’t find a book online for free, in your local library or borrow it from a friend. Sometimes you just want to have the copy to keep and go back to, or just to add to a beautiful bookcase! It is also a really positive way of supporting small businesses and reducing our carbon footprint!

A few tips for you:

  • Look where your book is before you order it if it’s from abroad you’ll need to wait much longer for postage and shipping is likely to be much more expensive.
  • Take note of the condition, ideally you probably don’t want a book that is battered and written in, but if you don’t mind that you can find some bargains.
  • Check cost of shipping, different places charge different amounts for shipping so what looks like a great buy can be expensive once shipping is added on.


This website searches lots and lots of other sites like a comparison site for books!


You can find everything on eBay and that includes books, often sold by individuals so you can find some great prices

Biblio & AbeBooks

Both great websites for book searching with options for author, isbn numbers and you can search in a lot of detail &


Amazon is not just for brand new items, check the new and used section for some great low prices, you can sometimes still get second hand books delivered on prime and amazon offer great protections even for marketplace sellers if you’re buying a book that’s a bit pricier.

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