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Rock Solid

Strong foundations for your new life with Jesus

Congratulations on your new life with Jesus! 🎉

We want to help you understand a bit more about the decision you’ve made, and give you some really strong foundations that will help you for the rest of your life.


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Week 1

God and His Kingdom

Our concept of God is one of the most important things about us, affecting our perspectives and beliefs and ultimately - all our big choices in life.

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Week 2

Brand New Start

Having discovered something about God and His Kingdom, we now ask: "Is it possible to have a personal relationship with him?"

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Week 3


Having looked at how we can be born again and experience a brand new start, we now consider baptism - the next step in our new life with Jesus

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Week 4

Filled With The Holy Spirit

Being filled with the Holy Spirit is God's way of empowering you so you can live the new life He's given you, and be a fruitful and effective witness to others about Jesus!

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Week 5

Growing Strong

In the days ahead, God wants you to grow strong in your relationship with Him and to enjoy sharing your new life with others in the church

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Rock Solid Review

Now you’ve listened through to each Session, take the time to go through our Rock Solid Review form – writing down the things that stuck with you, the lightbulb moments, the questions you still have and what it means for your brand new life!

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