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Janet’s Story 3:19

Janet has faced several difficult situations throughout her life, but everything changed when her daughter Claire introduced her to church. After attending an Alpha Course, Janet made the decision to follow Jesus, and hasn’t looked back since!

Dave’s Story 3:44

Dave lives in Market Harborough with his family. In this video, he shares with us how he found God during a dark time in his life and that, despite looking for meaning and purpose in many other places, he found Jesus to be the only person who could give him what he was looking for!

Megan’s Story 2:52

Megan found Jesus through her friend at school, and since asking for Him to come in to her life, she has noticed some big changes!

Scott’s Story 3:47

Scott made the tough decision to pull out of university, even though it had been a big dream of his for a long time. He struggled to see himself in a positive light, until he met Jesus! Scott and his wife, Megan, joined a church and discovered who Jesus was, and His plan for their lives. Soon after, Scott’s whole perspective on life and himself changed, and he saw things the way Jesus sees things!

Kat’s Story 2:58

Watch as Jesus radically transforms Kathryn’s life as he saves her, heals her and sets her free.

Leonie’s Story 1:18

Leonie had suffered for a long time with lactose intolerence, but Jesus healed her!

The Good News

Good news is always the best news!

Do you ever feel that you don’t have enough days in your life to accomplish everything you need to do? That you just get into a routine and before you know it a few years has gone by? Have you asked the question “Is there more to life than this?”

Well, we have some good news for you: There is more to life than this! Jesus said He came to give us abundant life, which means he came to give us a greater life than the one we currently have… A life that’s eternal.

That’s good news for anyone if you can get it. Read on to find out how.

Is Jesus relevant?

For everyone and anyone.

The Bible tells us that we are all separated from God. But God loves us very much and wants us all to have a better and eternal life. God made a way for us by sending His Son. He lives a life here on earth as an example for all of us to follow. His name is Jesus.

To show us all that it was possible to receive eternal life, Jesus had to die and come alive again, which He did. He was executed on a cross and in His death Jesus removed all the separation between man and God. When he came alive again He was the first person in human history to be seen with eternal life, He could never die again!

Jesus is now changing lives of millions of people all over the world. These people are from different backgrounds, cultures, and ages and the amazing joy is that Jesus candy the same for you as He has done for so many.

Knowing Jesus

Knowing Jesus is amazing and simple!

That’s how He is alive today. And He says anyone who is willing to accept Him as the leader of their life will receive eternal life just like Him. It’s very simple, but that’s how God wants it to be because He wants all of us to have a life that is exciting and eternal.

If you’d like to have Jesus in your life, there’s a simple prayer that you can pray right now...

Dear Lord Jesus,

I thank you that You love me with all of your heart; so much so that You came to die for me so that I could have a relationship with you forever. I thank you that You have made a way for me to come back to you and to enter into a life that is full of excitement, power and purpose.

I’m sorry for the bad things I have done in my life and I want you to take them all away for me. I believe that you have the power to set me free from it all. I give it all to you now and ask you for forgiveness.

Please, Lord Jesus, be the leader in my life. I want to follow you now and I want to be led by your Holy Spirit and I want to discover the plans and purpose that You have for my life.


Let us know

If you just prayed this prayer, we want to know! Romans 10:8-10 tells us that part of ‘being saved’ is telling somebody about what we have decided to do.

Please fill out the simple form below and tell us who you are and where you live so that we can help get you connected with a church family near you. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible so that you can tell us the exciting news of what you have done today!

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