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Janet’s Story 3:19

Janet has faced several difficult situations throughout her life, but everything changed when her daughter Claire introduced her to church. After attending an Alpha Course, Janet made the decision to follow Jesus, and hasn’t looked back since!

Dave’s Story 3:44

Dave lives in Market Harborough with his family. In this video, he shares with us how he found God during a dark time in his life and that, despite looking for meaning and purpose in many other places, he found Jesus to be the only person who could give him what he was looking for!

Megan’s Story 2:52

Megan found Jesus through her friend at school, and since asking for Him to come in to her life, she has noticed some big changes!

Scott’s Story 3:47

Scott made the tough decision to pull out of university, even though it had been a big dream of his for a long time. He struggled to see himself in a positive light, until he met Jesus! Scott and his wife, Megan, joined a church and discovered who Jesus was, and His plan for their lives. Soon after, Scott’s whole perspective on life and himself changed, and he saw things the way Jesus sees things!

Kat’s Story 2:58

Watch as Jesus radically transforms Kathryn’s life as he saves her, heals her and sets her free.

Leonie’s Story 1:18

Leonie had suffered for a long time with lactose intolerence, but Jesus healed her!

Ian’s Story 1:30

Ian shares this story of how he prayed with his family that God would provide them with a car, after many years of not having one. Shortly after, out of no where, a couple approached them and offered to give them a car!

Steve’s Story 1:49

Steve shares this story from Christmas time, where he took a leap of faith and left his well-paid job after believing that it was the right thing to do, leaving him with no income. After Steve and his wife prayed, they experienced God taking care of them and their family in amazing ways; He provided them with money when they needed it, a fantastic new job and a new house! Steve also unexpectedly found a big payment slashed against all odds.

Ruth’s Story 1:31

Ruth tells us about how she was healed by Jesus of Coeliac disease – a condition, according to the NHS, with no cure!

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