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From the opening chapters of Genesis onwards, the practice of tithing – giving God the first tenth – has been a distinguishing hallmark of God’s covenant people.  But is tithing still relevant? Is it outdated now we’re part of a new covenant?  Or is it a timeless, eternal principle to be taken-up by the church today?  This message provides biblical answers to these questions, together with practical experience and a testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness over many years.  We discover that tithing is God’s way of releasing us from self-effort, materialism and the anxieties that grip so many people, and releasing into peace, security, blessing, revelation and growth!….

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David Lyon

David leads the church in its mission and has responsibility for the development of leaders and for the oversight of the various congregations in the UK and in Kenya. Debora works alongside David and also coordinates some of our key ministries into the local community.