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Hope, often gets side-lined, it’s a little ambiguous to some it is often misinterpreted as the opposite to faith, “I wasn’t in faith, or I don’t have faith for that, but I can just hope?”. Just to be clear the opposite of faith is fear. The opposite of hope is doubt and confusion – a lack of direction or focus. Hope is important! Hope is not wishing for something to happen. The Bible describes hope much differently. The world is full of people hoping:

  • Their children’s future
  • Their own futures
  • Will their money last?
  • Will they stay in health?
  • Will they win the lottery?

So, this morning I want to get straight into the definition and unpack hope, to see how it strengthen our lives.

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Stephen Russell

Stephen and his wife, Mandy, primarily give their time and attention to caring for the congregation in Market Harborough. Together they want to support and encourage the church family there.
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