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When Jesus meets a woman at a well (John 4) and promises that life-giving water will flow from within her, He introduces us to the truth that it is what flows out of us (rather than what we drink in) that really determines whether we are dry or watered. In this message Steve Wilkins (Ottawa, Canada) explains how we can stay refreshed and ‘well-watered’ as we enjoy our relationship with God, and describes the impact this will have on our lives…

Steve Wilkins

Steve is married to Sarah and together they spend a great deal of time and energy providing direction and support to the members of All Nations Church in Ottawa. Steve was recognized in 2014 as an Ephesians 4 Apostle at the annual Autumn Advance conference in Ottawa. Steve is an entrepreneur who administrates his business endeavours alongside his many responsibilities at the church. As a gifted teacher, Steve oversees the direction of the church's preaching and teaching.