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As the Israelites journeyed through the wilderness on their way to Canaan they had the best local guide you could think of – The Presence of God. Although they went the long way round to reach their destination, their journey was an important experience for them to go through and a necessary preparation. As believers in 2020 we can know that the presence of God is no longer restricted to a tent, or even a grand temple, but now lives inside us – Transformed people. The presence of God leads us in the wilderness, causes us to worship and moves us to witness. Let’s be a church that is ready to move when The Lord commands and follows the leading of His presence.



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Benjamin Lyon

Benjamin is part of the leadership team working in to Market Harborough. He is passionate about worship, media and communications and loves to see the Church empowered by the Holy Spirit and brought in to everything that God has for them.
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