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The opening chapter of Numbers describes the census taken to count Israel’s army, before they began their journey to the promised land. And as we read the story in its context we find several features relevant to our day. Everyone was “counted by name”, a reminder that we’re known and loved by God. Everyone was “qualified to serve”, a reminder that all of us have a vital part to play. But – tragically – none of those counted (except Joshua and Caleb) ever made it into the promised land, a reminder (and a warning, 1Corinthians 10:11) that we must embrace God’s promises and provision and do all we can to make sure our lives count. This timely message will inspire you to take every opportunity to serve God’s purpose in our generation!…



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David Lyon

David leads the church in its mission and has responsibility for the development of leaders and for the oversight of the various congregations in the UK and in Kenya. Debora works alongside David and also coordinates some of our key ministries into the local community.
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