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We can learn much about how to get things right from those who got things wrong. Laodicea is a prime example: they shut Jesus out through their indifference to him.



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CentralMarket HarboroughRed Letter Days

Named & Shamed – Things That Make You Go Mmmm

8th September 2021
We review episodes 1 & 2 of Things That Make You Go Mmmm where we looked at Rewards & Riches and Insightful Imagery, and then look at a group and…
CentralMarket HarboroughRed Letter Days

To The One Who Conquers

22nd August 2021
We've seen in the letters to the churches the opportunity for great eternal rewards for those who conquer and are faithful to the end. The question is how do we…
CentralMarket HarboroughRed Letter Days

Insightful Imagery – Things That Make You Go Mmmm

4th August 2021
In this second episode, we look at how we can interpret the rich imagery that we find in the first 3 chapters of John’s Revelation.
CentralMarket HarboroughRed Letter Days

He Knows Us

18th July 2021
The continual refrain of Christ in His letters to the churches, is “I know”. He knew each church and its members intimately. Not as one who had simply left them…

Roger Aubrey

Roger is is based at All Nations Church in Cardiff and his teaching ministry equips churches in the UK and overseas. He is the author of several books including The Elijah People, Discovering God and The Masterplan. Roger is married to Dianne and they have two grown-up children.
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Family Values – Part Duex

28th May 2023
In this interactive Sunday, we look at 3 things that are vital for us to own at Living Rock. This Is The Church (what the Bible says), This Is Us…
CentralThis is Us!

Family Values

14th May 2023
The Church is the Family of God, the Body of Christ and the House of the Spirit! We look at how, in the light of this, we should come expectant,…
Market Harborough

The Masterpiece & The Masterplan – Pt.1

14th May 2023
Ephesians 2:10 tells us that we are God's 'masterpiece' - the pinnacle of creation, made in the image of God himself, declared to be "very good". But this can sometimes…
CentralMarket Harborough

The River of Delights

30th April 2023
The Bible begins and ends with descriptions of a river flowing out from God’s presence to carry His love and life into all the world (Genesis 2, Revelation 22), and…