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As we continue to explore the ways in which we influence the world around us, we take time to consider where God has placed us, and what God has given us. When we dedicate the things we have, and the things we do to God, they are made holy and will become a Kingdom resource!



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Market Harborough

Dear Church…

Together around tables we take a further look at the ‘envelope’ and start of Paul’s letter to the Colossians, uncovering some of the heart of the author and the nature…
Sharon Chapman
8th January 2023


O come let us adore Him - famous lyrics from a well-known carol. So the question is why is Jesus Christ the Lord deserving of our worship and adoration? Find…
Richard Jones
18th December 2022

Richard Jones

Richard Jones oversees pastoral care and coordinates our team of deacons and Life Group leaders. He and Sarah serve the church with the goal of helping every member become secure, fulfilled and fruitful! Richard also oversees many of our outreach ministries.
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