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It’s thrilling to realise that the New Testament churches multiplied rapidly, grew every day and “turned the world down” (Acts 17:6) – and did so without any church buildings! How? By meeting in small groups “from house to house” and discovering that their homes were the most suitable settings for the presence and power of God! In the story of the church we find salvation, healing, freedom, commissioning, church-planting and many other things all happening in peoples’ homes. The home is the frontier of Kingdom-advance; the glory of God will fill the earth, from house to house!… These truths provide a vital foundation for our churches as we come into a new season in which our house-church meetings will play such an important part of our life and mission. So, let’s stir our faith and embrace this opportunity with great expectation!



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David Lyon

David leads the church in its mission and has responsibility for the development of leaders and for the oversight of the various congregations in the UK and in Kenya. Debora works alongside David and also coordinates some of our key ministries into the local community.
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