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William Lyon

The Supernatural Church Has a Supernatural Voice (Part Two)

By | Central, Market Harborough, Supernatural Church

The supernatural church speaks with an authoritative, faith filled, supernatural voice. A voice with the power to proclaim that what is already bound in heaven will be bound on earth and what is already loosed in heaven will be loosed on earth. As we draw near to God to hear His heart, we can boldly speak the word of God with the assurance that the Spirit of God is ready to bring dynamic life and power to the words that leave our mouths.

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By | Central, The Cross & The Crown

Jesus Christ did a magnificent thing on the cross. Although He could have been overwhelmed by the influences of the fleshly human nature He had taken on, Christ, in loving submission and obedience to His father, overcame the flesh and defeated it completely. It was as He did this that the veil was torn in two and access into God’s most holy place was granted. In His presence we are made more like Christ and can expect to receive gladness, refreshing and forgiveness!

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