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William Lyon

Salt of the Earth

By Central, Market Harborough

Being a Christian isn’t all about sitting in pews while waiting to go to Heaven. In fact, not at all. We’re called to play a very active part in restoring all things! How? By being the salt of the earth: enhancing flavour, enabling wholeness and embodying holiness.

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Battle Winning Worship

By Market Harborough

Worship is a powerful weapon that we can use to take down the enemy. In 2 Chronicles 20 we read the amazing story of a people who, with hearts of praise and worship, seek God, find God and thank God ahead of an impending battle. God hears their praise and intercedes for them – completely annihilating the enemy. How encouraging for us as we face battles in our own lives with God on our side!

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By Central, Gospel Encounters, Made For Mission

Jesus’ compassion is for everyone. And every one of us is qualified to show and extend His compassion to every person that Jesus gave his life for. With this in mind our prayer is “Lord, move us as You are moved. Break our hearts from what breaks Yours. Drive us forwards and outwards because of Your compassion toward us, in us and through us.” Freely we have received. Let’s freely give.

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Devoted to…

By Central

God is a great promise keeper. There are many times in scripture when God promises that if we do certain things then He will respond! In the final few verses of Acts 2 we see that if we will be devoted to Christ by giving ourselves to the apostles’ teaching, to fellowship, to breaking bread and to prayer then God will respond by bringing us into a life full of many great and miraculous things as His kingdom comes here on earth. What a promise!

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Shoulder to Shoulder, Soldier to Soldier

By Joshua, Market Harborough

At the cross, Jesus Christ’s body was broken and His blood was shed. His broken body has brought us into eternal unity with one another and his blood poured out has purchased for us life in new covenant relationship with God. We can’t just sit back, however, expecting to enjoy all of the goodness of these great truths. We are called to stand shoulder to shoulder, soldier to soldier and lay claim of our wonderful inheritance – just like Joshua and the Israelite army!

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I Promise

By Central, Romans

When God says to us “I Promise” we can expect that we will be stretched and changed us to become more like Christ, we can expect to grow in clearly hearing and diligently responding to the voice of God, and we can expect that our faith in God can inspire faith in others to believe that the One who promises is faithful. How awesome that God loves us and considers us to be a people whom He can bless and trust with His promises.

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The Supernatural Church Has a Supernatural Voice (Part Two)

By Central, Market Harborough, Supernatural Church

The supernatural church speaks with an authoritative, faith filled, supernatural voice. A voice with the power to proclaim that what is already bound in heaven will be bound on earth and what is already loosed in heaven will be loosed on earth. As we draw near to God to hear His heart, we can boldly speak the word of God with the assurance that the Spirit of God is ready to bring dynamic life and power to the words that leave our mouths.

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By Central, The Cross & The Crown

Jesus Christ did a magnificent thing on the cross. Although He could have been overwhelmed by the influences of the fleshly human nature He had taken on, Christ, in loving submission and obedience to His father, overcame the flesh and defeated it completely. It was as He did this that the veil was torn in two and access into God’s most holy place was granted. In His presence we are made more like Christ and can expect to receive gladness, refreshing and forgiveness!

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