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Sharon Chapman

Sharon and her husband, Phil, mainly give their time to helping look after the congregation that meets in Market Harborough, and provide leadership and pastoral care to the congregation there alongside Stephen and Mandy. They are also both involved in the worship team, amongst many other things!

Step Into His Story

By Market Harborough, Walk This Way

For our all-together gathering in April we step into Jesus’ story, taking a whistle-stop tour through some amazing parts of Mark Gospel, to follow Jesus and see how we can live like Jesus did. Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit and with power, went around doing good, healing people and setting people free (Acts 10:38). He promised His followers that they too would receive the Holy Spirit and power to carry on spreading the good news of Jesus and His Kingdom – and that includes us!Step into His story with us and look out for some exciting encounters with Jesus, a surprise song and a calendar challenge. Walk this Way!

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New You – New Wardrobe! Ephesians 4:1-3

By Ephesians, Market Harborough

Continuing our series in Ephesians, Paul turns his attention at the start of chapter 4 to the practical day to day living of the transformed in-Christ life he has described in chapters 1 to 3. He urges us to walk worthy of our calling together as the One New People of God, guarding our oneness in Christ. And he gives us just the right tools to help… a new wardrobe of designer-label garments. Dare to wear!

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Dear Church…

By For Such a Time As This, Market Harborough

Together around tables we take a further look at the ‘envelope’ and start of Paul’s letter to the Colossians, uncovering some of the heart of the author and the nature of this young church; seeing that we too are a holy family, in Market Harborough, in Christ, set apart for God and specially useful to Him for such a time as this. We are qualified by the Father, secured in the Son and equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit!

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Devoted: The Story of the Little Boat

By Market Harborough

Join our church family as we interactively explore the story of a little boat devoted to Jesus and see how it illustrates something of what it means to be devoted to Jesus ourselves. Jesus has a plan for us because He has a purpose for the world!
*Spoiler alert* includes highlights from the Gospels of Mark, Luke & John, Acts 2:42-47, a dinghy, a big catch or two and a shoreside breakfast invitation. Waterproofs optional!

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David’s Faith

By Faith, Hope, Love, Market Harborough

In Luke’s account of Jesus calming a storm, Jesus asks his disciples ‘Where is your faith?, implying that the disciples had faith but it couldn’t be seen. In today’s all-age gathering we consider ways in which we can stir our own faith so that it is visible to ourselves and those around us.

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Sensational Encounters

By Central, Gospel Encounters, Market Harborough

Every Gospel encounter with Jesus was sensational in the truest sense of the word. His words and actions came with impact as people heard, saw, touched and even tasted and smelled the nearness of the Kingdom of God through Him. As His body in the world, we have been sent out by Him to be audible, visible and touchable to those around us, filled with compassion and the power of the Holy Spirit. A sensational Church with a sensational commission! Let’s go!

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Caleb: Pioneer

By Joshua, Market Harborough

This week we look at the life of Caleb. There is much that we can be inspired by as we consider his pioneering spirit, his confidence in the promises of God and the legacy he left not just for his own children but for thousands of pioneers for the Kingdom of God who would come after him.

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Hospitality Around His Table

By Market Harborough

As we share bread and wine together, John 13 introduces us to Jesus’ most lavish hospitality as we gather around His table. So here we are – invited by our Host, Jesus, announced as His ‘Loved Ones’, named and placed at His generous table, washed and cleansed to the core and free to feast on His abundant provision. What a banquet!

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The Divine Deposit

By Market Harborough, Supernatural Church

Because we belong to Jesus, we have been anointed and sealed by the Holy Spirit! As supernatural church, we can be certain of our identity and our inheritance because of this Divine Deposit of the Holy Spirit within us. It’s time for faith to make a drawdown on this Deposit and an investment to see God’s inheritance realised more fully!

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Kingdom Footprints

By Market Harborough, The Cross & The Crown

Because of the Cross and the Crown we are a people of the presence of God, set apart and commissioned for the purpose of God wherever we are. As we proclaim and demonstrate the Kingdom of God, we leave strong and powerful Kingdom footprints in our homes, communities and the nations! ‘Wherever you set your foot’…

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