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Richard Jones

Influencers Part Deux

By Central, Market Harborough

As we continue to explore the ways in which we influence the world around us, we take time to consider where God has placed us, and what God has given us. When we dedicate the things we have, and the things we do to God, they are made holy and will become a Kingdom resource!

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Whole Households

By Market Harborough

God has a plan for every family, He has a plan for your family. When we put God first, our households will be whole and blessed. We look at Joshua’s example in how we can ensure that ‘as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord’.

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The God Who Goes Ahead

By Central

In Joshua 24 and Exodus 23 we read that God goes ahead of His people. We need to remember that He has a plan for our lives, which means He has a plan for us each and every day. As we follow Him we can be totally confident of victory not matter what challenge or situation we might face.

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Cities of Refuge

By Central, Joshua

Joshua 20 describes cities that God set up to offer safe haven for those who were on the run. In these days, God wants our homes and churches to also be available, accessible, safe and secure; to rescue and restore those who need saving from sin and death.

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