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Ovi Vlaicu

Ovi and his wife, Laura, lead the church congregation in Atherstone. Ovi and his family moved to the UK from Romania a few years ago and have a big heart to reach the Romanian community, amongst others, with the good news of Jesus.

Stop Doubting and Believe – Reset by Jesus

By Atherstone

In this message Ovi shares all about Thomas – a character in the story of Jesus that we may be familiar with. He is often referred to as ‘Doubting Thomas’ and he can represent someone who is debating whether something is true or not. After seeing Jesus on the cross, Thomas withdrew from his fellow disciples and became isolated. Isolation is the perfect environment for pessimism, doubt and scepticism to grow! But Thomas was reset by Jesus when he said “My Lord and my God”. Hear more about this story in today’s message.

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Love Builds Up: Unite in Foolishness

By Atherstone, Love Builds Up

There will be no division among you” said Paul to the Church in Corinth, and the same message applies to us today. It can sometimes be easier to create division than unity; to reject people that we don’t like or agree with and only spend time with people who are just like us. As Christians we are called be united around the message of the cross, even if this may look foolish and unimpressive to those around us. In this message, Ovi explores what this looks like; the difference between ‘foolishness’ and the ‘power of God’, and how we can unite around the foolishness that the Bible describes.

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