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Mike Shuter

Radically Rational

By Central, Romans

How radical is our rationale? How radical is our way of thinking? Paul tells us in Romans 12 to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice but then goes on to tell us that this is our rational service – our totally rational response to all God has done for us. God wants to challenge us not only to think radically as our minds are renewed but also then to live radically in light of that… and Romans 12 gives us some great keys on how we can do that.

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The Supernatural Servant

By Market Harborough, Supernatural Church

Jesus has made us children of God; we have been born of God and we are adopted into His family, but like Christ we are not to grasp at this but instead be willing to serve and follow His example. When the Spirit came into us He didn’t only give us the ability to be servants but servants who are supernatural and live powerfully! We are a Supernatural Church because the people who make it up are supernatural and we will be effective in this world because we are willing to serve it, just like Jesus.

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