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Lisa Graves

Lisa loves working with children and together with her husband, Alex, she oversees the children's ministry at Living Rock Church. Lisa and Alex have three children and love to see all children encounter Jesus for themselves and to have a relationship with him.

Talking With God

By Market Harborough

God has so much to say to us. The question is are we listening? Alex and Lisa share some really practical ways we can can all position ourselves to stop, look and listen so we hear all God has to say to us, no matter what our age.

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He Knows My Name!

By Central, Gospel Encounters, Market Harborough

The story of Zacchaeus is often a story we think about as a children’s story we might have learned in Sunday School but it is a simple and significant story of a man whose encounter with Jesus changed his life forever. In coming to Jesus like a child, he discovered what it was to know repentance, restoration and a right relationship with Jesus, the man who knew him by name. Jesus knows our name and is looking for us and others who are lost today. Will we answer when He calls?

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Alive – Living Life To The Full

By Central

God sent Jesus so that we can have an abundant life, lived to the full. He has plans for us to live a life full of joy, love, victory, power in close relationship with Him. In this podcast we consider how we can live this full and vibrant life God has for us.

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