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Debora Lyon

Debora works alongside husband David and also coordinates some of our key ministries into the local community, including Mumstop, Baby Mumstop and Special Mumstop.

The River Of Life

By Central

As we look at Ezekiel 47:1-12, we see how God has a ‘River of Life’ that comes from heaven to bring abundant blessing on earth. We can see this river being an image of: the life of Jesus poured out for us; and then at Pentecost a pouring out of the Holy Spirit; and then as a river of life in the Spirit that flows through believers from house-to-house. The pattern of God’s increasing purpose to fill the earth is seen in the different depths of the river, and shows us how we can be led by the Holy Spirit into greater depths of fellowship together and of reaching others with the power of the gospel. Finally, we see how being led by the Spirit and drawing upon our relationship with Him will cause us to be like the abundant trees who are fruitful every month and have leaves for healing.

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Living an “inside-out” Life

By John – Letters from an Apostolic Heart, Market Harborough

In Johns first letter, particularly in chapters 3 and 4 we read many times, that “we live in God and he lives in us”, all who live in love , live in God, and God lives in them”.
God lives inside us and His love inside us is to be revealed to those around us, both our church family, and those around us in the world.
When we live “inside-out” lives, the love of God can transform our fellowship as believers, and transform our villages and towns. We were designed specifically to reveal Jesus through good works already, prepared for us. The challenge is to live our ordinary lives, knowing He is with you, for you and in you. Lets live “inside-out”lives.

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Lets go to Rahab’s House

By Central, Joshua

In Joshua 2 we discover how the “house of Rahab the prostitute” was significant for the success of the advance God’s people into the promised land. In Rahab’s house we notice that there is radical living, influential reports, hospitality for strangers, faithful promises, and rescue from death and destruction! “Let’s go to Rahab’s house and learn from the examples there, for our own success in advancing into all God has promised us.

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The Supernatural Church Has A Supernatural Voice

By Market Harborough, Supernatural Church

God’s “House of the Spirit” is filled with powerful, spirit-filled believers. They confess Gods Word to encourage and strengthen themselves. Filled with the Spirit they declare and share the Word of God as the church gathers, and they have words of life to share with friends and colleagues everyday. A Supernatural Church has a tremendous announcement to make to the world, that Jesus is alive!

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