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Benjamin Lyon

Get Out of The Comfort Zone

By | Joshua, Market Harborough

When we read the account of the Israelites’ journey to the promised land, we see the tragic moment where they become too afraid to take what God has promised them; they’re faced with an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone, but instead ask if they could go back to Egypt where things were more familiar… more comfortable. But Joshua is a man who is willing to get out of the comfort zone, trust God, and ultimately inherits all the promises 40 years later. In today’s message we look at this account and how we can be a church who is willing to step out of their comfort zones in order to see all of God’s promises today and not in 40 years’ time.

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His Master’s Voice

By | Market Harborough, Supernatural Church

The Holy Spirit is speaking all the time, and as the Supernatural Church we can hear Him speak to us. He is God and He lives in us! As we learn more about the Master’s voice, we see some of the reasons He speaks to us, the ways we can prepare ourselves in order to hear Him speak, the things He speaks to us about and what we are to do when we hear Him speak. Hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit isn’t complicated; it’s one of the most natural things that the Supernatural Church can do.

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How To Get To The Go

By | Market Harborough

When we look at the great commission in Matthew 28, we read how Jesus told his disciples to “GO”.  The church today also shares this commission.  We take a look at three steps we can take to get to the ‘go’;  we first get ready, by being filled with the Holy Spirit daily.  Next we get set, by being filled with love, faith, zeal and boldness.  Lastly, we go!  We choose to respond to the Holy Spirit by saying yes and being men and women of action.

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