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Richard Jones

The Curtain and The Cross

By Central

We take the wonderful opportunity that Easter Sunday gives us, to talk about how God came to restore relationship with us. What does a curtain and cross have to do with all this? Why not watch and find out? 😊
It is a strange expression – “feed on me!” But we have all heard the expressions “He was feeding him the lines”, “He feed him a load of lies”, “People just seem to feed on this situation or rubbish”. But God doesn’t want us to feed on rubbish, lies, bad situations or be drawn along by the political or devious will of others. He wants us to follow Christ – to believe in Him. He wants the things “we feed” on to be of Him.

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Influencers Part Deux

By Central, Market Harborough

As we continue to explore the ways in which we influence the world around us, we take time to consider where God has placed us, and what God has given us. When we dedicate the things we have, and the things we do to God, they are made holy and will become a Kingdom resource!

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