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Week 5

Growing Strong


Congratulations! You’ve reached the last week of the introduction to your new journey as a Christian!

In the days ahead, God wants you to grow strong in your relationship with Him and to enjoy sharing your new life with others in the church

This week you will:

    • Discover that true Christianity is a relationship not a religion
    • Find out how you can know God through the pages of the bible
    • Learn more about how and why to pray
    • Understand the importance of playing your part in the life and growth of the church

Key Points

  • Christianity is a dynamic relationship not a dead religion!
  • You’ve become a child of God – He is your loving Heavenly Father.
  • God longs to speak to us through the Bible, and daily Bible-reading is essential if we’re to grow strong.
  • Prayer links us to heaven, and regular prayer is at the heart of our relationship with God!
  • Church is people (God’s family) and it is our privilege to be part of it!
  • You have a vital part to play in the life and growth of your church.
  • God wants us to be ‘givers’ – serving and building others up.
  • We’ve been saved to be part of God’s mission, reaching out to the world around us.
  • Being Jesus’s ‘witness’ involves simple actions and heartfelt words.
  • Father, Son and Spirit are with you and ‘for’ you, committed to helping you grow strong as a Christian!…

Course Progress 100%

Week 4

Filled With The Holy Spirit

Rock Solid