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Week 1

God and His Kingdom


Our concept of God is one of the most important things about us, affecting our perspectives and beliefs and ultimately – all our big choices in life.

God wants us to know Him as He really is! And He wants us to know the joy of living in His Kingdom.

This week you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of God’s nature and plan
  • Understand what we mean by ‘The Kingdom of God’
  • Discover how you can enjoy life to the full in God’s Kingdom

Key Points

  • God is good – Our loving heavenly father
  • God wants us to enjoy a close relationship with Him.
  • You’ve become a child of God.
  • Christ is in you – living and present in your life.
  • The Kingdom of God is his rule and reign – His will being done.
  • We enter God’s Kingdom when we are born again.
  • Jesus is Lord and King – reigning over all things.
  • The Kingdom of God affects every area of our lives.
  • God’s Kingdom operates on radical principles. We need a new set of values and attitudes.
  • God’s Kingdom advances powerfully as people and situations submit to his rule.
  • You have a part to play in extending God’s Kingdom
  • The full and final expression of God’s Kingdom will be seen when Jesus returns.

Course Progress 20%

Rock Solid


Week 2

Brand New Start