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Week 4

Filled With The Holy Spirit


Being filled with the Holy Spirit is God’s way of empowering you so you can live the new life He’s given you, and be a fruitful and effective witness to others about Jesus!

This week you will:

  • Discover that God has promised to fill you with His Holy Spirit
  • Understand more about what this means
  • Learn about what the fruit and the gifts of the Spirit
  • Discover how you can be filled with te Holy Spirit – and stay full!

Key Points

  • The Holy Spirit is a person, and we can develop a close friendship with Him.
  • Every Christian has the Spirit living inside them.
  • Being ‘filled’ with the Spirit is something more – a distinct experience.
  • Being filled with the Spirit gives us the new power we need to live our new life in the new Kingdom.
  • The Holy Spirit leads and guides us, opens up the Bible to us, and helps us pray.
  • Being filled with the Spirit opens up the realm of spiritual gifts.
  • Being filled with the Spirit helps develop Christ-like character in us.
  • We can be filled with the Spirit when we come to Jesus thirsty, wanting all of Him to fill all of us.
  • It’s not an optional extra; it’s essential for all Christians.
  • To stay continually full we must ensure we don’t resist, quench or grieve the Spirit.

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