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Week 2

Brand New Start


Having discovered something about God and His Kingdom, we now ask: “Is it possible to have a personal relationship with him?”

Yes it is! God longs to restore mankind to Himself so we can live life the way He’s always intended!..

This week you will:

  • Understand what sin is and why it separates us from God
  • Discover how God has acted to remove your sin
  • Know that you can be born again
  • Understand the power of the cross to transform your life!

Key Points

  • Sin is a ‘heart-condition’ of independence from God in which ‘I’ am on the throne of my life.
  • All people are separated from God because of sin, and destined to spend eternity without Him.
  • The life, death and resurrection of Jesus have completely paid the penalty for sin.
  • There is no other way that anybody can be saved.
  • God offers salvation as a free gift to everyone.
  • We are saved when we repent of our sin and put our total faith and trust in Jesus.
  • We are saved as we enthrone Jesus as Lord and King in our lives.
  • Salvation gives us a brand new start – we are ‘born again’.
  • Embracing the cross means ‘dying to self’ and living for God and for others
  • We can live every day free from guilt if we confess our sins quickly and sincerely

Course Progress 40%

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God and His Kingdom

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