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The success of the early church in following the example of Jesus and spreading the gospel throughout the towns and villages was stunning! Within 20-30 years, vast geographic areas were saturated with the Good News of the Kingdom and vibrant, missional churches were planted in every place. This midweek message looks at some important aspects of the “partnership” between churches, apostles and elders (Phil 1:5,7) that made all this possible, and helps us to reflect on factors that will be key in our own co-mission to our towns and villages.



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Have A Word

The Bible is full of God’s wisdom, promises, truths and self revelation…it’s His Word! As believers, when we know the full (logos) word, we’ll have the specific (rhema) word of…
Richard Jones
26th February 2023

God Is…

In this timely message, Keri reminds us of three wonderful, unchanging truths concerning the nature of God and describes their power to bring great security, peace and fruitfulness into our…
Keri Jones
12th February 2023

David Lyon

David leads the church in its mission and has responsibility for the development of leaders and for the oversight of the various congregations in the UK and in Kenya. Debora works alongside David and also coordinates some of our key ministries into the local community.
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