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Hotrock 1&2

Jesus is My Friend

In September our 0-2 year olds will be using sensory play as they find out how Jesus calls them to come to Him, that He loves them, chose them and wants them to follow Him.

Hotrock 3

Daniel and The Lion's Den

In September our 3-5 year olds will be looking at the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. Through crafts, interactive stories and worship the children will discover how God wants them to pray and listen to Him like Daniel did and that God will keep them safe too, just like Daniel!

Hotrock 4&5

The Armour of God

This term our Year 1 – Year 6 children (6-11 year olds) will be looking at the armour of God. Through fun games, craft, worship and interactive teaching the children will explore how God has equipped us with peace, faith, righteousness, truth, the Word and His Spirit to go into every day, ready to bring God’s presence and power wherever we go. We will be looking at how prayer is a powerful weapon which we can all use to be strong in the Lord and grow strong roots into His love.

Upcoming Events

Sunday 18th September, during meeting

Generation Faith

Sunday 18th September Central during the message upstairs  An exciting new annual event for parents and children in HotRock 4 and 5 where we will share our vision and expectations for HotRock and give you some practical tools to help your child grow in their faith. It will be interactive, engaging and equipping!

Sunday 18th September, 12pm

Parenting Faith in Under 5's

Sunday 18th September after the meeting sees the launch of our brand new monthly parenting faith in under 5s course. During this course we will watch a short 5 minute video with a top tip to help you nurture faith in your little ones, chat and share stories and challenges in a safe and informal setting. Bring your own lunch and enjoy time with other parents. Sign up now via this link ….

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