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Here's what we're learning this term...

Hotrock 1&2

Just Like Jesus

With lots of sensory play, worship times and craft the children will see how Jesus was close to God, talked to God, did what God wanted Him to do and how Jesus can be our friend too.

Hotrock 3

God's Amazing World

HotRock 3 the children will be exploring God’s Amazing World and through worship, craft, stories and play will see how God made everything good, including them!

Hotrock 4&5

God's Rainbow of Promises

Primary HotRock 4 and 5 groups, the children will continue their new teaching series on God’s Rainbow of Promises. Each week we take a colour of the rainbow and a promise God has given us to hold on to. Our promises this month are: that He promises to order our steps, to be with us always, and to meet all our needs.

Memory Verses

Our memory verse for this month in HotRock Primary groups is:

Psalm 145:13

The Lord always keeps his promises

Helpful Resources

Brand New

Meet The Parents Podcast

Meet the Parents is a brand new podcast where we share stories from everyday life to help with the ups and downs of parenting. In each show we will have honest conversations with parents as together, we grow everyday faith in our homes.

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