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January 2022

Go, Give, Gather, Grow

By Central

“Go, Give, Gather, Grow!…” is the simple and powerful way that Jesus has commissioned and instructed His followers. We’re to GO into all the world (Mt 28:19-20); and as we go we are to GIVE freely (Mt 10:7-8) so that His Kingdom is proclaimed and demonstrated; then as disciples are made we should GATHER together in His name (Mt 18:20); for as do we stay closely connected with Him and GROW in our fruitfulness and influence (Mt 13:31-32, Jn 15:8). In this message we unpack this healthy life-cycle of the church, see it at work in the New Testament, and consider some of the opportunities we face at the start of this year…

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Making His Presence Our Priority

By Market Harborough

Moses set an example for all believers in his attitude to the presence of God. He cared whether God was with him. He understood what God’s presence meant for himself and the Israelites and he responded to the presence of God with passion!

If desire is to seek first God’s presence and his Kingdom then Moses has some great attitudes to take on board!

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