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January 2020

Why Do We Do That?: The Laying On of Hands

By Market Harborough, Why Do We Do That?

When we lay our hands on others, in faith, God releases His power and His blessing into their lives. In this message Stephen shows us examples of the laying on of hands in the Bible and encourages us that if we are followers of Jesus, saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, we have the right, ability and obligation to lay hands on others. It’s good to lay hands on one another!

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Made For Mission

By Central, Made For Mission, Market Harborough

In a time when there is no more urgent task for the Church than to be fulfilling our great co-mission, this message urges us to believe that in every way we really are ‘made for mission’ – it’s the way God has created us, designed us and saved us! Reaching-out with compassion to the people and worlds around us is not too hard, or unnatural, or beyond our comfort zones – it’s exactly what we were made for and the most natural and fulfilling thing we can do. So, as we start a new decade, let’s break out of every mindset that hold us back and embrace the fact that we are made for mission!…

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Prayer Tools

By Central

Prayer is an essential and life giving part of being a Christian. In this message we will look at some practical tools that we can use to help us in our prayer life and engage with our Heavenly Father.

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