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Poor vision "dramatically improved" after prayer

A lady who comes on a regular basis to the Bereavement Group where I work as a volunteer shared with me about her eye problems. She has one eye that doesn’t work at all and was really worried about her other eye, as she could barely see through that owing to a stroke in that eye leaving her with very impaired vision. When I got home I prayed for her, asking God to restore her sight. When I went last Friday to the group, she gleefully informed me that she had been for an eye test and that her ‘good’ eye had dramatically improved! I told her that I had prayed for her, and she gave me a hug. I wanted her to know that God had done this for her. Praise the Lord!


Antidepressants no longer needed and no side effects

Over the past three weeks Jesus has set me free from over 20 years of taking antidepressants. In these three weeks I have gone from taking a really high dosage to none at all for the past week and I am full of His joy. In the past even small reductions have resulted in bad physical effects from discontinuation syndrome, but not this time! Praise His Name!