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A 60 Second Story is all about a life that has been changed through the love and power of Jesus. It captures a real life story from a real life person speaking about how Jesus moved in their life.

We’re passionate about telling the world the good news of Jesus and showing people the amazing miracles that He is still doing today. The 60 Second Story channel is a place where anyone can come to watch interviews with people who have received healing, restoration, salvation and provision. You might find a story that you can relate to, or a story that could be a shining light to somebody that you know who is going through the same difficulties in life. Why not share the story with them!

We believe that Jesus is the hope for all the earth and we want people to see what He is doing.

Find out how other people's lives have been changed through Jesus!

Healed of Lactose Intolerance

Leonie suffered from lactose intolerance for many years. She prayed that Jesus would heal her, and He did!

A New Car Provided

Ian and his family were praying for a new car. A few days later, someone offered to give them a car!

Healed of coeliac disease!

Ruth had suffered from coeliac disease for a number of years. She received prayer at a summer conference and then tried eating the foods that had previously made her ill. She was healed!

Provision at Christmas

Steve was without a job for several months. During this time, he had no income and should have been unable to meet bill payments. Jesus miraculously provided for Steve and his family and blessed him with a new job and a new house!

Completely Healed From an Irregular Heartbeat

Nick was suffering with Atrial Fibrillation, a condition that was causing irregular and erratic heart beats. People prayed for him and Jesus healed him! He now has a strong, normal heart beat which is “a very good trace”.

Saved, Set Free and Found What She Was Searching For

Louise experienced some rough things in the past, which caused her to look for something that could fill the emptiness. She found Jesus and He changed everything for her. Now, she is living a fulfilled life and her past has been taken care of.

Unblocked Ears

A 60 Second story about Aaron. He had trouble with his ears being blocked and God, in a meeting, unblocked them. Jesus cares about even the little things.

Vision Restored

Chris Carter’s eyes were miraculously healed by Jesus!

Prayer Works

Shortly after Janet became a Christian her daughter fell ill and went into a coma. Through prayer she was healed, much to the surprise of the consultant!

Healed of Deafness

James was born deaf; he couldn’t hear anything! His family and friends prayed for him and Jesus healed him. He can now hear perfectly.

Years of Chronic Back Pain Healed

Richard Gamble suffered from chronic back pain for years, but Jesus healed him!